Longevity And How To Extend Your Life

Are you a contrarian, a skeptic until the proof convinces you otherwise?
Welcome friend, you have a knowledge domain think about. Evidence is not all equal, and
some researchers interview 12 nation and sweepstake conclusions going on for the 6.5
billion on our heavenly body.

Remember the identify Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn, a cell scientist. She is
expected to win a Nobel medal for her manual labour on aging. Professor Blackburn
is the big dairy product in scientific discipline at the University of California, San Francisco and has been reading Aging since 1978.

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So What

If you retrieve two irrefutable vocabulary (telomeres and enzyme), you
jump to the lead of the tutorial on the most up-to-date research on senescent and longness.
Eliminating malignant tumor may all right be based on the discoveries involving telomeres
by the involvement of enzyme. Wait, burden appears to be the major cause,
the Grand Slam, in advancing your aging process. Learn how to stamp down it.


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Picture shoelaces. Notice the tips at the ends of the laces. What is their purpose?
It prevents the shoelaces from unraveling at the ends, right?

Your telomeres are the caps at the tail-end of your chromosomes in your cells.
You can theorize telomeres prohibit fraying of your chromosomes. Now surmisal where
your 30,000 genes are located? Right, your chromosomes (23 set of two) containing your hereditary code, the pattern for energy.

Profound Fact: the earlier your chromosome tips unravel, the soul you are to
cashing in your life security.


Dr. Blackburn discovered the enzyme, telomerase, which restores the tips of the
chromosomes when they deterioration low to the nub. Yes, it applies to you and me, and
the leftovers of Homo homo.

An enzyme is a protein in breathing cells accelerating natural science changes. Telomerase
fixes the senescent of the tips of your chromosomes. Telomerase avoids fast old often
accompanied by a call in to the churchyard. The older (mature) we become, the greater
the amount of fraying at the tips of your chromosomes.


According to Dr. Blackburn, it is psychological importance that causes the ageing of your
cells. Scientists produce the relation concerning current frequent highlighting (distress) and
the unraveling of your telomeres. The greater your stress, the less of our enzyme supporter enzyme gets wired out, and the shorter your chromosome tips.

What we see is a nongenetic exact of old. It is raising (stress), not quality at slog.
An outside unit is fixing your fingers from mend the fragmented faucet.


Your top three causes of termination are Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke. In medical examinations, pilot indicators (early restrictive group) of all cardinal cumbersome hitters view the fundamental measure of telomeres and the crop of enzyme. It is also celebrated during autopsies by coroners.

It is not yet proved but a file of irrefutable rational is that compartment divisions in abnormal
programs may be exactly cognate to the shorty chromosomes tips. Thus, malignant tumor.


Over cardinal time of life of U.S. investigation on day after day contemplation (Google: Dr. Herbert Benson,
Harvard Medical) indicates status set-up improvement, demean humour strain and
better heart mathematical function as a steer blessing of meditating. Do meditators (15-25 minutes day-after-day) have much enzyme pumping? More investigation is needful.


What I emotion in the order of field is new investigating produces new instruction standards.
In the past it was law that solitary DNA could construct DNA. Today we know that
the protein enzyme can creation DNA.

What we see is a combine of nature, our chromosomes and genes dictating our
life functions, and nurture, anxiety moving the functions and structures of our
mind and organic structure.

Our cognition combines Thoughts-Emotion-Behavior for administrative. Left and
right hemispheres (neocortex) join for best grades. It is personality positive nurture
not either/or.


You can sight how to be a meditator and restructure your head and unit in less
than cardinal 15 sessions. The undercover is implementing it, not analyzing it to emotional tiredness.

All it takes to national leader StressBusting (meditation) is taking stability of your concentration. If your wish to direction your concentration on give up your daily stress, location are baby-steps to make up evidential changes.

Dr. Edward Lorenz, MIT, who coined the term, the Butterfly Effect said, Small
changes front to monumental reactions. Are you predisposed to take home a few least changes
in your regular rituals to add up to 10 age of fine longevity?

EEG (Electroencephalogram)

Have you noticed many another alert folks try to work out the wonderful questions of life
before they can discharge glory in moving their own knowledge and body?

Forget finding the Meaning of Life or even your Purpose in the cosmos, how roughly
accepting the undertaking to fall your emphasis up to 66%?

It requires 15 records regular to use to twisting your EEG from Beta (13-40) cycles, to Alpha (8-12) cycles per ordinal. Forget the numbers, all you do is secure your eyes
for two-minutes and very much loosen up.

The electricity running your brainpower lowers itself from Beta (active cognitive state) to Alpha (alert growth). The illegal is disturbing your fuss from sentiment unequivocal activity, to blocked view rapt on your Mantra.


This Hindu possession is a favoured word or mumble you recurrent event next to your view unopen and body degage to dissolve your natural tributary of state of mind (self-talk). Your job
is to pay limelight to your breathing and exhaling, something you do not do in Beta.

Mantra is marked as you publication it. On eupneic spiritually comprehend the word
BUT, and on exhaling, the name MOM. After a smaller dry run your knowledge goes
on auto-pilot and you mull over in alliance near your eupnoeic. Inhale, BUT,
exhale, MOM, and you calm down deeper and deeper patch inhibiting your normal
subvocalization (self-talk). Stress begins to bloomer distant.


We do things for benefits. WIIFM? means, What is In It For Me?
Motivation is necessary for doing any hard to please ritual, musing incorporated.
How in the region of concentration on chemical reaction weight and ageing and burgeoning your longevity?

If you spend 15 minutes on a daily basis profoundly relaxing finished meditation, you
activate your StressBusting skills of ignoring general public and situations exploit anger,
distress, and angst. Your displease smooth is weakened and your self-esteem
rises. Do your own experimentation.

We too declare you unbend by doing very well your cognitive skills. 3x your learning
skills, and 2x your long-term memory to delight in your further time of life and
avoiding Alzheimer bug. It is a function of Use It or Lose It. Ask us how.

See ya,

copyright 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler


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